H ello and welcome! Welcome folks... to the Electro-Swamp.

I am Nelson Lance Donsky AKA Nonsky, a freelance multidisciplinary visual-artist, illustrator, and graphic-designer based out of Meanjin / Brisbane, in QLD Australia.

The work I produce involves a broad range of technical skills and experience relating to various creative fields including ground level murals, logo/brand design, portraiture, set design, venue design, sign-painting, concept art, character design, art coordination, decor production team management, gallery curation, and many more.

In essence I specialize in providing visual - art based solutions for individuals and businesses as well as creating my own original work.

If you would like to see more of my work or learn more about me, you can also access my professional portfolio (above) and social media blogs (below) through this page.

If you have any inquiries or feedback about my work please feel free to reach out through my email at
 ndonsky@hotmail.com or through Facebook/Instagram links below.

As an emerging artist I rely on the support of the community sometimes, if you think the work I do interesting or helps make the world a more magical place then click the big yellow button to donate and buy me a coffee! Thanks for visiting!

Best Wishes,

Nelson Donsky