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Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Welcome! And thankyou for your interest and support. Please stay tuned as I use this space to get verbose about myself and my work/projects I am working on as well as expanding and commenting on projects from the past. But for today I will be brief.

I will begin by introducing myself, my name is Nelson Lance Donsky AKA Nonsky and my aim is to be a master of my craft. I have one lifetime and many interests but thankfully art is a large enough umbrella for most of them to squeeze under. Mostly I like to draw and paint and this is the majority of my work though often sculpting, photography, organising installations and artists, and digital work help to keep things interesting.

Life for me is divided between time spent at home making art and time spent abroad making art. I also have a keen interest in writing and aim to do no small amount of it in the time to come as I continue the slow march towards establishing myself as a visual artist, or in other words; work hard to get to a point where I can live comfortably from my arts practice. The starving artist stereotype may not quite apply any more since I graduated from uni, but I do get hungry from time to time. An artist is a product of society as much as themselves, and to that end thank-you for your continued support everyone.

Best wishes,


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